Above and Beyond Financial Reporting

Of course we want you make you money; but we also want to save you money. This is the crucial EMG difference. When you work with us, we want to know not just how much you have to set aside, but how you want to and in the future. Then together we can take proactive steps to get you where you want to be tomorrow and twenty, thirty, forty years from now. These steps will certainly include a review of your assets. More important - and all too often overlooked - we will also review how you're spending your money, saving your money, paying off your debts, thinking about and planning for the future. Our clients are routinely surprised by how the adjustments we recommend improve their long-term financial picture without compromising their current lifestyle.

Unconventional Wisdom

You might think that financial planning is complex. We make it our business to review, absorb, understand and think deeply about what's happening in all aspects of the financial industry from insurance to taxes, from investments to college funding. We believe financial planning is not complex and it certainly should not be risky. We have a fundamental understanding of conventional wisdom and we often throw it out the window. Because, we have found that following the conventional wisdom only gets you conventional results. You see, we're not interested in simply helping you reach your goals - we want to help you exceed them.

Perspective On Your Future

We offer a variety of services to help you manage your financial resources. We find the best results happen when we are able to understand all the components of your current lifestyle, income, debt, financial obligations and long-term needs. The more information we have, the better our advice can be, and the more productive our recommendations for the steps needed now and down the road.

Getting More From What You've Got

You may already be doing a pretty good job with your financial planning. But we know that we can get you more. Better returns, lower taxes, a more secure future. We work with real people, smart people, individuals and families who made a lot of very good decisions. One of which was to come to us and have us show them even better decisions, more productive choices that give them the confidence that the assets they worked so hard to get are now working just as hard for them to grow.

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