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Above and Beyond Financial Planning

How do you want to live? Now and in the future. Together we can take proactive steps to get you where you want to be in the short term and in retirement. These steps will include a review of your assets. Where we will review how you're spending your money, saving your money, paying off your debts, thinking about and planning for the future. Then we will develop a financial plan with specific reccomendations for how to improve your outcomes. Our clients are routinely surprised by how the adjustments we recommend improve their long-term financial picture without compromising their current lifestyle.

Unconventional Wisdom

We make it our business to review, absorb, understand and think deeply about the financial industry. We do not think that the conventional wisdom on insurance, taxes, investments and planning works for most individuals. We take an unconventional approach, which is to tailor our reccomendations to each individuals circumstances, goals and risk tolarance. Rather than the cookie cutter approach of most planning firms. In today's financial services industry this individualized approach has become unfortunately unconventional.

Perspective On Your Future

We offer a variety of services to help you manage your financial resources. We find the best results happen when we are able to understand all the components of your current lifestyle, income, debt, financial obligations and long-term needs. The more information we have, the better our advice can be, and the more productive our recommendations for the steps needed now and down the road.

Getting More From What You've Got

You may already be doing a pretty good job with your financial planning. But we know that we can get you more. Better returns, lower taxes, and a more secure future. Our clients have often made very good decisions, but may have missed things that could be compounding to their benefit. We endeavor to help our clients make even better decisions, and to give them the confidence to build for their future.

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